Storage Unit Policies, Amarillo, TX

Storage Unit Policies


Smoking, firearms, and the use of alcohol is prohibited at the storage facility

Prohibited Items

The following items may not be stored at the storage facility:

  • Any living thing
  • Used tires
  • Fireaarms
  • Explosives
  • Flammables of any kind (gas, diesel, kerosene, oil, paint, etc.)
  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Stolen items
  • Hazardous items of any kind
  • Items that produce odors of any kind
  • Any item deemed inappropriate by the facility manager or staff
  • Any item which detrimentally affects the facility or other tenants

Prohibited Uses

South Loop Storage is designed for storage purposes only. The following uses are not allowed:

  • Playing of any type of musical instruments
  • Garage sales, auctions, flea market or other public sales
  • Working in the unit - including working on cars, motorcycles, hobbies, crafting, etc.
  • Any illegal use of any kind
  • Any use deemed inappropriate by the facility manager or staff
Storage Unit Rental Rates

Storage Unit Rental Rates

5' x 10'  $60
10' x 10'  $85
20' x 10'  $110
13' x 30'  $170
10' x 40'  $170
15' x 50'  $275
RV Parking Maximum length 40'  $35